• 6/11/2022
  • lineman@utahlinemansrodeo.com
Scoring will be judged for:
  1. Safety
  2. Work practice
  3. Neatness and ability
  4. Equipment handling
  5. Timely completion of the event
Total number of events for each team: 4

Events for apprentice is 3 (3rd year will have a test)
Judging Guidelines
Each event will be worth a total of 100 points

All safety rules are to be observed during events, (see the following list for point deductions)

Infractions - 2 Point Deduction
  1. Lose hard hat
  2. Not wearing safety glasses
  3. No rubber on reach, fall or slip
  4. Dropping tools
  5. Burn outs
  6. Hot-dogging
  7. No hand line operations while team is climbing
  8. Misuse of tools
  9. Misuse of rubber
  10. Wearing hard hat backwards
  11. Not wearing long-sleeved shirt
  12. Twisted hand line operations
  13. Not wearing OSHA-approved lineman’s belt
  14. Poor housekeeping
  15. Exceeding the mean time to complete an event, except for hurtman rescue and pole climb. The mean time is based on the times from previous rodeos; the mean time is the dividing line at which half of the participants are faster and half are slower in completing the event.
  16. Long sleeved shirts are required. OSHA rules will apply. Journeymen should know what to use and what to wear. If a shirt has buttons on the sleeves, they must be buttoned. Sleeves cannot be pushed or rolled up.

General Rules - 10 Point Deduction
  1. Accidental contact with phases
  2. Working opposite phases
  3. Not using hand line or bucket for sending material up and down the pole
  4. Second man starts climbing before first man is buckled off
  5. Second man begins decent before first man is on ground